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Hanoi, Vietnam

Written on: Sunday November 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

A bustling, frantic, frenzied, atmospheric city that probably has more individual character then any of the other cities that we have visited so far. The streets are loosely collated around what sort of merchandice or 'Hang' they sell. For example there's sweet street, silk street, lantern street, spice street, electrical street and haircut street where Dave snapped my pic while I bravely let some kid go at my barnet with a cut-throat razor. Turned out not so bad in the end, and more importantly I still have my ears.

Coming through China first has had it's advantages, for instance, crossing the road in China wasn't easy, but was a breeze compared to Hanoi where a billion motorcycles appear to descend upon you as soon as you look like you might want to cross the road. In the evening as everybody eats on the street pavements, and shops push their merchandise out on to the kurbside you have no choice but to walk along the road as bikes fly past you hooting their horns menacingly. It's part of the charm of Hanoi though, walking through the busy Night market, bartering over a couple of pence for a pair of fake Ray Bans and enjoying the delicious Vietnamese cuisine. In fact for all we know we've probably been eating dog for the past 3 days. If so it's pretty damm tasty.