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Written on: Thursday November 22nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

After missing our bus that morning from Guilin, through no fault of our own I might add, but having a crazy mad guy pick us up to rush us to the boat anyway, we did eventually make it just before it left the dock. And it was here that we were really shown the jewel that is Guilin. Leaving the concrete metropolis behind us, our boat meandered south-east down the Li River past the many karst peaks that characterise Guilin, and were the reason for me wanting to come here so much in the first place.

The pictures will do the speaking for the sights themselves, but it got even better when we arrived in Yangshuo, which was by far my favourite place to stay in the whole of China. A very small village, it sits alongside the Li, amid a range of karst hill tops. One of these, Moon Hill, we climbed on our last day in Yangshuo, which presented us with views right around the area and of all the other peaks, as well as giving us a pole at the top to climb and strike ridiculous poses.

We pitched up at Monkey Janes' this time, a pleasent enough hostel with a wicked rooftop bar 5 floors up that regally overlooked the rest of the village. Here we met Murray, whom we had met just the other night in Guilin. Murray, a tall, self-confessedly clumsy, Guildfordian joined our twosome and the drinking began. Add in 3 electric mopeds, Dave's addiction with Ali the Spicey Kabab man, dancing on tables, dice games, beer-pong, extremely rumbunctious  measures of rum, arm-wrestling with the strongest man in China, DJ-ing in a nightclub, and Dave behind the bar pouring bottles of Jamesons down our throats and add to this that I have absolutley no recollection of how I got back to the hostel, and that's without even mentioning Monkey Jane herself!! Yangshuo rocks!!!!!