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Written on: Friday November 16th, 2007

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

Not really alot to tell you about this place other than it was bloody cold, really cold, not helped by the thick fog. We decided to forego a trip south to the Three Gorges Dam, and instead head back north to Luoyang where we were in visiting distance of Shaolin Si, the temple that is home to Kung Fu, and the Longmen Caves, where many Buddhas' were again engraved in to the rocks.

With hindsight though we had already seen some Buddhist caves and already visted many temples that were steeped in Kung Fu tradition. As it was we got ourselves a nice enough room in a hotel, but I barely slept a wink as my feet were like ice and they just refused to warm up, probably because my calf muscles were demanding all the blood supply from the onslaught I had put them through climbing Wudang Shan, two days previous.

On waking up and heading out to Shaolin Si, my condition was worsening, and because of the cold I couldn't stop my body shaking and my teeth a' chattering. We checked out the temple and then got to see a Kung Fu display, where halfway through one of the Shaolin monks came up behind Dave and I and asked us to join in the display. On another day I'd have bitten his arm off, but my body fimly and decisively was not going to let me throw it around.