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Trans-Siberian Railway: Yekaterinburg to Novosibirsk

Written on: Thursday November 1st, 2007

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

I began the day waking up refreshed and awaiting the joys of the day due to the fact we moved from the bottom beds where the draught through the window had given us a real Siberian experience the night previous, up to the top bunks where it was enjoyably snug. Plus the guard used the most advanced Russian tecniques to reinsulate our window, plugging the gap with a tea-towel. In my jubilant mood I gave Dave a jokey pinch and a punch for the first day of the month, only to receive a run up kick and a back-hander for apparently being so quick.

Much more of the same scenery but the day didn't actually drag on that much at all, probably down to the fact we were travelling through at least one time zone every day, pushing the clocks forward, and we're not getting up until about noon. By 3 we're on the voddy!

More Swedes joined us from further up the train in the evening, as well as a couple of Finnish and a Danish couple, and so alas we partied the night away once more.

The one exceptional thing to note was that I'm glad we didn't have the Russian guy in our room that Eva and Evelina have, as last night in a Vodka induced stupor he got out of bed muttered something in Russian, wacked out his meat and two veg and proceeded to pee all over Evelina.