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Trans-Siberian Railway: Moscow to Yekaterinburg

Written on: Wednesday October 31st, 2007

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

The start of more than likely the longest train journey of our lives began yesterday evening, with us first going to the wrong station but upon finding the correct station and having plenty of time to spare, we found a little street vendor and nestled down in the station with a whole chicken wrapped in a thin  Pitta-type bread, and armed with my knife and fork pocket knife, tucked in to one of the finest dinners of the trip so far. The perfect way to start the 7 day Trans-Siberian rail journey.

Our cabin, lucky for Dave and I contained just us. Not so our Swedish friends, Martin and Danny, and Eva and Evelina, who were staying either side of us and who each had a Russian co-habitor in with them. The Swedes we bonded almost immediately with on our first night, and thus spent the evening discussing all the travelling formalities that commence every time a new similar roaming traveller crosses our path. 'So where you from?', 'Where you going?', 'Where you off to next?' It's all become so routine so quickly which is kind of a shame, but nevertheless the 6 of us would spend the next 5 days either mostly in mine and Dave's cabin drinking vodka and eating Swedish biscuits, or in the dining cart entertaining ourselves with hundreds of games of Shithead, interspersed with a few Poker tournaments, using toothpicks as chips.

As for the train journey itself, there isn't really much to tell, crap toilets, crap birchtrees every now and then, broken up with crap Soviet concrete buildings, and not a glimpse of the sunshine in sight. What does matter though is that the dining car sells some pretty damn good food, including steak and eggs! It's steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!