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St Petersburg 2

Written on: Thursday October 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

St Petersburg is a truly beautiful city, surpassing any expectations either I or Dave had of it. Our initial impression was actually one combined with fatigue, some intrepidation and somewhat a feeling of "Quick let's get to Thailand". We had just arrived at the Central Bus Station, late at night after a long, not particularly comfortable bus journey from Tallinn in Estonia. We had no idea of where we needed to get to and no idea of what all these funny symbols were on the signposts. Concerned we were going to get seriously ripped off by the taxis we somehow or other negotiated the metro and 20 or so minutes later, found our accommodation for the week.
Within this week we have seen some fantastic monuments, notably the Winter Palace, St Isaac's Cathedral and the Peter and Paul Fortress; met some great people, some travelling similar to ourselves, some native to St Petersburg; been awestruck by the jewels in the Hermitage museum, such as two rooms full of Picassos, and four massive rooms full of Renoirs, Mattisses, Cezannes, Monets, Manets and a couple of van Goghs thrown in to boot. Then last night I was privillaged enough to be accompanied by a lovely Russian girl named Katya, who I met in a club at the weekend, to the ballet of Romeo and Juliet at the Mussorsky Theatre. As she spoke Russian we were offered Russian prices for the tickets which we got 4 pounds each and sat right in the centre of a stunning theatre where I was surprisingly captivated for the full three hours of the performance. I'm now thinking of training to become a ballet dancer!
In a few hours time we will be on a overnight train where our next adventure will see us surface in Moscow.