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St Petersburg, Russia

Written on: Friday October 19th, 2007

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

After having a great time in Tallin for the last 4 days, Dave and I fought through a vicious hangover and a serious lack of sleep this morning, dragging our ever cumbersome bags on to our backs and began the walk to where we thought the bus station was, only to find that those buses are actually trains and there is no direct line from Tallin to St Petersburg. So with only 20 minutes before the bus is due to leave we grab the nearest taxi and fly to the opposite end of the city just in time to get our tickets, a much needed bottle of water and some pastry thing. Then we had the joys of 8 hours on a coach only broken up by the delights and sour faces of the Russian border control guards who made us fill in some bureaucratic form and walk once more with our bags on our backs over the border.

We arrived in the middle of St Petersburg just a few hours ago with our only Russian vocabularly being Smirnoff and Vodka, but after some repetitive strolling back and forth around the bus station managed to get ourselves on the Metro and arrive at Nevsky Prospect where our in-built compass once again served us well to find a little doorway tucked away, leading us up a delapidated staircase to our present home of the Cuba Hostel.

For those of you thinking of a European break somewhere, I thoroughly recommend Tallin. It's a great little city with loads of charm and character, especially in the Old Town, where we were shown around the underground passages and indulged in a swim, sauna and steamroom, as well as indulging in the excellent Estonian nightlife. We partied so hard one night, we didn't make it up until 5pm the following afternoon. Woo Woo!!!


From julie on Oct 24th, 2007

where are you now. Hows the weather? How are you both doing?