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Written on: Thursday October 11th, 2007

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

It's been a relatively easy start, one bus from the station to a nice little hostel and a scrumptious pizza for dinner. More than likely a leisurely night spent here at the hostel building up to a big Friday night and the much publicised Halloween Festival here in Copenhagen. What we have seen so far looks pretty nice. Hans Christian Anderson made a good choice with that mermaid chick!


From George on Oct 11th, 2007

Hi Simon & Dave! Didnt know this was the start of ur World-trip! Welcome to Stockholm & Sweden,Im out sailing for the weekend,but I really hope ur stayin longer!? George Dieck

From paulncarol on Oct 13th, 2007

Taken a fancy to a mermaid? Too much Carlsberg mate!!

From mum and steve on Oct 13th, 2007

hi simon and dave hope you are both ok will send penguin to meet up with you both have you been in touch with sandy about the kit order send mum a txt take care love mum seeyou steve

From sandie on Oct 13th, 2007

Hi Si and Dave, sounds like everything is going ok hope you got my text dont take long to answer Love Sandie, Clive and the boys

From Adam H on Oct 15th, 2007

Hi. Lost to St. Marks, but it was a damn good game. Have fun