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Exmouth, Cape Range National Park and the Ningaloo Reef Photos


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Matt, Sophie, myself and Amanda at the top at the lighthouse lookout.

On our ways over the dunes to the a late-afternoon dip.

Matt, Sophie and Amanda cooling off.

Our morning view from the tent.

We were sure that this kangaroo followed us all the way down the west coast.

Gathering some decent firewood to keep us warm that evening.

Around dusk every night the wildlife starts to come alive and kanagaroos are everywhere. Instead of moving out of the road when you come driving up though, they stand there and stupidly stare at you. The one in this picture on the right poked his head up from the bracken to pose with the sunset.

This is Paulo the Kanagaroo who sang along to Nutini's New Shoes.

Sophie seeking inspiration for her diary.

One of the many jellyfish that littered the shore.

Early morning wild emu action.



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