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Gili Banta to Komodo Island Photos

Looking out over the islands.

Our chef takes care of dinner.

A male komodo looking menacing......

......and then posing for a photo.

The komodo had had enough of us and decided to leg it in to the undergrowth.

So we gave chase in to grab a few more pics of the big lizard.

Luckily for us he decided to pose a little more.

I tripped with the three of them snuck up on me and there was nothing I could do.

I fought with one of them as it tried to bite my throat off.

But then we kissed and made up.

Like the Millenium Falcon our craft too had a secret compartment, but we weren't concealing RD-D2 and CP30, ours was just full of crate upon crate of Bintang.