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Gunung Rinjani Photos


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In Mataram waiting for my transport to the north of the island we were able to enjoy a lavish wedding ceremony pass us by.

The mount of Rinjani that later the next day I would attempt to climb.

The top of Rinjani on the left hand side.

Our erratic transport so unappropriately named.

The beginning of the first days walk, a reasonable steady and scenic climb.

A view out back from where we had come from.

The strongest man in the world - this is one of our porters, the one would continued to the top with me. The weight these carry on their shoulders is unbelievable.

Gunung Agung on Bali rising up out from the clouds at sunset.

Our camp for the night.

Sunset over Bali

3am in the morning and just about to begin the final ascent.

This was as far as Marc could go. He'd been throwing up repeatedly for the past hour with altitude sickness and decided enough was enough. Here he would remain.

Exhausted, collasped on the side of the mountain as the sun rises.

The final ascent.

Tired and hungry I'm almost there.



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