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The queue of traffic on the hill where I wasted 10 hours of my life.

Traffic attempting to get up Mud Hill.

My fellow onlookers, just as frustrated as I was, although the guy second from the left looks very happy to be here.

My bus is somewhere over that hill.

Fort de Kock and some of the birds in its rather depressing zoo.

Parrot on ectasy.

The view from the town of Mt Marapi that later that day I would climb.

A famous Indonesian pop-star doing a video shoot at the very posh Hills hotel who so kindly allowed me to use their WiFi for free.

At our first camp on our way up with Dhany and Rice.

Trying to keep warm near the summit.

Morning coffee on the boil.

Dhany and Atsumi on the final ascent.

Just as the sun is coming up, Atsumi gets comfortable.

Atsumi and I taking it all in.



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