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Luang Prabang Photos

One of the bears looking for food at Kouang Si.

The sleeping tiger at Kouang Si.

Kouang Si waterfall.

Wish I knew who these people were, reckon they'd appreicate this photo.

Tiger on the prowl.

The depiction in Wat Xiang Thong of the scenes of punishment carried out in Buddhist hell. Check out the adulturous couple legging it up a thorned tree to escape some rabid dogs and people being hung up by a hook through their tongues because of telling lies (bit harsh)!

The entrance to Wat Xiang Thong with the Buddha and alter inside the main temple.

My monkey friends at my guesthouse. I like monkeys.

The 7 headed naga outside the temple in the Royal Palace grounds.

Carolyn feeding me my food as I'm too lazy to feed myself.

Carolyn and I with catalogue apparel.

Bowling bowling bowling.....

No idea