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Written on: Saturday May 10th, 2008

A journal entry from: England

My last Country on this journey, England. Patti and I flew into Liverpool then caught a bus to Wallesey. Not knowing where we were going we were let off the bus at the stop closest to Leasow Castle, the hotel we were staying at.  We found we were at least an hour hike from the hotel with our packs on. Patti got her first real experience at back packing and my hips got one of their last long hails with the additional 20 kilos strapped on. Arriving at the hotel we dropped the packs and headed into the garden for a cold beer, made some friends then decided to head back into Liverpool for thr remainder of the day. We took the ferry across the Mersey into the city and explored the down town area. We did a pilgramige to a number of Beatles hang outs, bars, hotels, stores and restaurants. Found the train station, booked tickets for our trip to London and put together the plans for our stay in this area. A couple days later we took the train into London for a three days of seeing the city before we met the ladies of our next tour group. 

We met with the ladies of our Return to Avalon tour at the airport then headed into Wells where we stayed at the Swan Hotel for six nights. This tour was an adventure through a number of Sacred Sites in England, we did many cerimonies honouring the sacred feminity, the Goddess in all of us women, our ancestors, daughters, mothers, teachers and our friends. We performed a very moving ceremony at Stonehenge on the evening of the Wesak full moon. Visited The Chalice Well, Roman Baths, Stourhead Garden, the Glastonbury Tor, Avebury and many other sites that were beautiful, historic and very powerful. The tour ended in London where we did some sight seeing and took a dinner cruise on the Thames.

This was a perfect way to bring the eight months of my travels around the world to a finish. Lots of laughs, singing and also quiet contipaltion.



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