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Pictures from Monterrey to Campeche

Written on: Sunday November 26th, 2006

A journal entry from: From Monterrey to Campeche

Hey all here are some pics taken from my trip so far.... still more to come


From Al on Dec 4th, 2006

Hey, Thanks for the photos. You have some good shots here. I particularily like the composition of the meal:)

From Robbie on Dec 12th, 2006

Hey Brother!!!! so great to check out your trip like this. can't wait to see you in the flesh. I've been playing some bluesy music lately with some real greats --> James Lamb and Bryan who put this site together. I can't wait to make the dream happen buddy! We are gonna be some sassy old dogs when we get our lakeshore land all chronic. miss you cole.

From crystal cortes on Jan 11th, 2007

Hey I cant wait till you post the pics from Costa. I will e-mail you our new years pics sometime today. I had a great time with you guys. You guys should come visit us in LA.Safe tavels coley McCole.

From Rachel Rockwell on Jan 11th, 2007

Get on the ball Cole; where are all the Costa pics at? And when I say "all" I mean the ones with us in them! Kidding, hope you took advantage of the liqour cart on your flight home. :)