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Written on: Sunday April 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen

Today we left Brugge for an afternoon in Brussels.  We arrived at noon and started our day with Waffles.  Hannah got one with strawberries and chocolate and beth and I split two, one with only strawberries and another one that was plain and we added chocolate spread that we had at the hotel.  They were AMAZING!!  The waffles were perfect.  After our waffle lunch in the main square, Grote Markt, we headed for a walk to find a park.  We passed by the EU parliament building and eventually found the park.  After spending a couple hours in the park we headed back to the train station to catch our train in Amsterdam.  It was unfortunate that we couldnt spend more time in Brussels, but we needed to get to Amsterdam which was a four hour bus ride away.  On the bus I accidentally broke Beth's chair!! She was sitting in front of Hannah and I and I wanted to asjust our foot rests and I thought that the lever I was turning would do that, but it turned out that I was loosening Beth's seat!!! Ooops! Around 10pm we arrived in Amsterdam.  We were scared that the busses would not be working on a late sunday evening but we were surprised to find that they were still running and we were able to get to our hostel.