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Written on: Tuesday March 20th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen

Arrived in Naples today.  We mainly decided to go to Naples because we really wanted to go to the island of Capri and Naples would be the easiest stepping stone to get there. Naples is the birthplace of the Pizza, and prior to the trip I heard from several people that Naples is pretty seedy.  I wanted to give the city a chance and tried to see past other people's judgement.  However, it was very difficult after our two nights in Naples to prove other people wrong.  First off our arrival started off terribly, I lost my raincoat and after stepping out of the metro it started pouring rain.  So with no umbrella or hood of any kind, Hannah and I had to maneuver around the city and try to figure out where our hostel was.  It was a little hard especially since there are no pedestrian cross walks and we had to dart through busy traffic like the game frogger.  After some time we found our hostel. The hostel guy also told us that the forecast was pretty much rain for the next couple of days, therefore our hopes for Capri were shot down.  After checking in we wandered around the city a little and tried to get a sense of the city.  We then had pizza at a pizzeria recommended by the hostel close to the hostel.  We then returned to the hostel as it got dark because we were warned that two young girls after dark in Naples wasnt the safest thing.  Therefore we watched some movies with some people we met at the hostel and called it a night.