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Chateau Hopping: Chenonceau

Written on: Sunday March 11th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen

Today Hannah and I woke up early to catch a tour to local Chateaux.  The tour started at 9am and only cost 17 euro for a driver to bring us to two chateaux.  The first one was Chenonceau and the second was Amboise.  The driver was a very nice older man who had been doing the tours for over 15 years.  He kept pardoning himself for his "bad" english, but I found his english to be very good, and his French to be beautiful... After listening to this man, I understood why Tours is considered to have the most pure form of French.  His French was clean and beautiful, and I could easily understand him.  He didnt talke terribly fast or with a heavy accent.  It can get confusing with the French Language because for the longest time we had been pronoucing Rouen wrong (saying Roo-en rather than Ron, its confusing) but when we used the way we had relearned to say it, the driver didnt understand, but when we said it the way we first thought how to say it, he understood...... ohhhh the French language.  Anyway, driving to the Chateaux provided amazing views of the French countryside.  It trully does make me want to travel more throughout France, because each region is extraordinary and diverse, and I really want to be able to discover all the various parts of France.  

Chateau de Chenonceau was originally a Castle built in the middle ages but was rebuilt after a fire and after different owners in French Renaissance style. Throughout history, the Chateau has been under control of several women who oversaw the construction and the ruling of the castle, including Catherine de Medici.  The Chateau is impressive and is situated over Rivre Cher.  As soon as you enter the grounds there is a long row of trees that led us to the castle, and the castle is surrounded by two main gardens. The Chateau is very pretty as it sits on Rivre Cher.  We were able to explore the rooms of the castle and then head out into the Gardens. Unfourtunately we only had and Hour and a half at the Chateau, so we had to make the most of our time.  We then went and explored the gardens and the woods.  Within the woods was a mini labrinth, which was pretty cool.  Overall, the chateau was really interesting, and the history of the castle was also interesting to learn about