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Tours, France

Written on: Saturday March 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen

Today Hannah and I ventured about 3 hours south of Paris to Tours, France.  Tours is well known for speaking a perfect form of French and are considered to have the purest form of the language with no hint of accents.  We arrived in the late afternoon and dropped out stuff off in our Hotel which was very nice and huge for just the two of us.  We then roamed around the city, which was much bigger than we expected.  We first came across Tours cathedral which is very similar to the one in Rouen.  This eventually led us to the Chateaux of Tours which was situated along side a river.  After here, we walked along a street that eventually led to a mini type of boardwalk that had a ferriswheel and a carousel.  Here there was also a main shopping street that was packed with people.  After walking around we eventually ended up by the Hotel de Ville, which is probably one of the most impressive Hotel de Ville's I have seen in France.  Along the road where the Hotel de Ville was, we found a long Flower Market that was selling an assortment of colorful flowers. The french do love their fresh flowers!  After walking around we walked back and tried to find a movie theatre to watch a movie, but it was closed so we just headed back to our hotel to rest before dinner.  Dinner we got pizza at a bistro then we wandered aorund the town trying to find a place for dessert.  We found a little area which i believe is called Place Plumereau where we found a little creperie.  I got ice cream which was very good and Hannah got a crepe with coffee ice cream.  Around 9:30 10 we headed back to the Hotel and watched some BBC news and John Stewart and headed to bed


From Bryan Rite on Mar 15th, 2007

Some fantastic journal entries Celeste! I'm heading to Barcelona area soon and I'm even more excited now after reading your posts.