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Girona and Park Guell

Written on: Wednesday February 28th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen

Today took a day trip to Girona which is an hour and a half outside of Barcelona.  It was pretty cloudy in the morning but we strated off with walking towards the main rambla in the town.  I liked Girona, it wasnt too busy so we were able to get a feel for the city. We walked around little shops and visited a small church.  My favorite part was a little garden that covered the area of a hill that overlooked the city.  It provided great pictures and was a fun mini adventure.  After this we headed back down to the Rambla to grab some lunch.  We headed back to barecelona around 2pm because the stores werent going to open back up again until four due to the siesta.  Since the sun came back out, we decided to visit Park Guell. It was a far walk from the metro station, but it was definitely worth the trekk because Park Guell was lively. My favorite park of the park was the terraced section that had mosaic decorated benches along the rim of the terrace.  The mosaic work had beautiful colors and with the sun shining down, it was a beautiful place to just soak up the sun and people watch.