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La Sagrada Familia

Written on: Tuesday February 27th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen

Today my father and I visited La Sagrada Familia. Sagrada Familia means the Holy Family and it is a basilica that has been under construction since 1884, even after the main architect, Antoni Gaudi's death.  The basilica is trully an amazing building and thus began my interest in Antoni Gaudi.  It consists of 18 towers representing the twelve apostles, the four evangelists, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus Christ.  Then there are three facades, The Nativity, The Glory, and The Pasion. This basilica is absolutely amazing.  The design is very unique and interesting.  The entrance fee was steep but it was definetely worth while.  We also went to the top of one of the towers which provided great views of the city.  Also, it was VERY scary because though they offered an elevator to the top, you had to take the stairs down which were tiny.  It was cool though because I remember seeing a postcard that had a picture of the stairs and I was able to replicate it by taking a picture from the top of the stairs looking down, and it sort of resembles a nautilus shell, sometimes i try to be artsy.  After descending the stairs we walked around the section of the Basilica that was under construction and we saw some really cool stained glass windows.  Overall, La Sagrada Familia was really cool because it wasnt just an ordinary church, it really was creative and unique, and really got me interested in the work of Gaudi