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Interlaken and Wengen

Written on: Friday February 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen

Today we took a train from Paris to Interlaken Switzerland. The train had a transfer in Basel, but we finally arrived after around 10 hours of travelling into Interlaken with the town all shut down and we ventured into the darkness to try and find our hostel. This was a difficult experience because online it said that our hostel wasnt "too far" from the train station, but it ended up being a good 20 minutes in along dimly lit streets. However, the walk wasnt really a bother because the night was nice and the air was very refreshing. This "clean" aspect of switzerland was something I distincly remember from my first travels in switzerland during my high school program. When we arrived at our hostel it was pretty packed and there were lots of young people, so the atmosphere was pretty lively. After checking in we looked at activites the hostel had to offer. I even ran into a couple of girls from Fairfield University who I had classes with. After hanging around the lobby for a while, Beth, Hannah and I decided to call it a night after travelling all day. This morning we woke up to AMAZING views of mountains right outside our window. Interlaken is the town at the base of the Jungfrau and is situated between Lake Brienz and Lake Thon..... so pretty much the landscape and views of the town are spectacular. We woke up and had an amazing free breakfast where we also took some bread to save us money for lunch. After breakfast we roamed around the town. We walked into the center of the town and did some souvenir shopping. We mainly focused on postcards and chocolate. I was really excited to find these vintage travel postcards that I love to collect. I remember I first bought them when I was on my high school European Adventures trip.... and I've been addicted ever since. After some shopping and chocolate tasting, we went to the tourist office to see how to spend our afternoon. After some deliberation we decided upon taking a cog rail to Wengen. I was really excited about this because Wengen was one of my favorite stops on the trip I took in High School. I've been talking about this High School trip a lot so I guess I should explain it. The summer before my senior year of High School, my school offered a month long European Adventures trip. Basically it was one of the most amazing expeirences of my life. During this month of travel I formed friendships with some of my best friends today and travelled to 9 different countries in Europe (france, switzerland, germany, liechtenstien, austria, poland, czech, denmark, norway, ice land). So, I was excited to return to Wengen! We took the cog rail up and though it wasn't sunny, we still had gorgeous views of the Jungfrau. The Joungfrau is also known as "the top of europe". On my trip in High School, we went to the Jungfrau and it was amazing. However, as students on budgets we were unable to venture up the Jungfrau because it was over 100 euro to take a cog rail up there. However, since I already went up it, I wasnt too disappointed. Also later on we talked to some girls who ventured to the Jungfrau that day, and said that it wasnt the best weather because it was cloudy at the Jungfrau that day. When we arrived in Wengen, it was much more crowded compared to when I was there last. Most likely because it was ski season and the town was packed with skiiers and backpackers. It was nice to walk around the town. After some time exploring the town, we ventured back down the mountain and returned to Intelaken for some dinner. For dinner we went to Bebbis which was a fondue place we found online. I'm not a huge fan of cheese, but I stepped up and ordered some Cheese fondue with the girls. We ordered one order of cheese fondue and one order of chocolate fondue. Let's just say that I mainly focused on the chocolate fondue. It wasnt amazing fondue, but it was decent..... I would say I prefer the chocolate fountain at school better. The next morning we packed up and headed back to france. We had another amazing breakfast where we took some more bread for lunch. We almost got on the wrong train (this happened to be our second wrong train mishap). However, after another long trip back, we still managed to return home safely.