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Mont St Michel

Written on: Sunday February 4th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen

Today I set out on a trip to see the third most popular tourist attraction in France, Mont-St-Michel, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The trip was organized by the Cultures Connection at ESC. We took a three hour long bus ride around 9:30am on sunday and arrived around lunch time. Mont-St-Michel is a tiny island off the coast of Avranches in Normandy. On the island is situated a benedictine abbey which was built in the 7th century. Mont-St-Michel is considered an island due to the fact that the tides along the coast of Normandy surround it in the evening, therefore it was important that we arrive on the island early so that we could get off the island before 5pm when the tides shifted. Arriving at Mont-St-Michel, I was surprised at how crowded it was. There were cars and tour busses all lined along the beach area. We were given time to get some lunch and explore the island by ourselves until we met up to explore the abbey. The island is fairly small, so exploring didnt take too long. However going up along the cobbled streets you were able to get gorgeous views of the ocean. The weather turned out to be great for our weekend with tons of sunlight and a slight breeze. The abbey was large and easy to explore. My favorite part was the mini garden courtyard hidden in the back of the abbey. After exploring the abbey we headed down and did some souvenir shopping. I bought some postcards and tried the mini galettes/sables that are famous of Mont-St-Michel. They were delicious and buttery! Overall it was a nice end to an amazing weekend in Normandy. The weather was amazing and the french countryside was even better.