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Bayeux and American Cemetery

Written on: Saturday February 3rd, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen

Today we woke up with the sun actually out. Jaimie and myself started our day with an amazing breakfast at our auberge. Included in our 20 euro payment, we had free breakfast. I didnt think that it would be uch because our free breakfast in London consisted of toast. However, when we went down to the dinning room, basically there was a feast laid out for both of us. There was cereal, nutella, bread, croissants, yogurt, coffee, orange juice, cheese, ham and baguettes. It was amazing, and since we were the only two people staying at the auberge, it was all for us, so I really didnt mind eating as much as I could! After our breakfast, we headed to a market in the town. The market was similar to all the other markets we have visited, but this one sold live animals. They had live chicken, ducks, chicks, rabbits all for sale. Walking though the vendors it reminded me when my brother and I had chicks and ducks when we were younger. It reminded me how cute they were, but also how they smelled and how they were a lot to handle! At the market I bought a Rocher and a Friand. A Rocher is a mini almond rock-like cookie and a Friand also known as a Financier is an almond like pastry. Both are amazing, and the almond taste reminds me of the chocolate marzipan and the marzipan ring cakes that my fmaily used to get when we visited Denmark. The were both delicious and fresh. After the market we checked out of the auberge and headed for the Bayeux Tapestry Museum. The museum holds the famous Bayeux Tapestry which depicts the Norman invasion of England through the battle ofHarold and William the Conqueror. The tapestry outlines scenes that led to the conflict between the two men and the battle. It was very interesting to see and was narrated by a very funny British man on our audioguide. My favorite parts of the tapestry were the intircate detailing of the hands. The tapestry is 60 cm long so it is amazing to see the consistancy in detail of the individuals. After the Tapestry Jaimie and I split up for our beach travels. I took an hour long bus ride to the american cemetery on Omaha beach. Unfourtunately I only had an hour at the cemetery due to the bus schedule. The cemetery is located in Colleville-Sur-Mer and it covers around 170 acres of land overlooking Omaha beach. The cemetery commemorates the nearly 10,000 American soldiers that died during the invasion of Normandy during World War II. The gravesites mainly consisted of white crosses with a number of Star of Davids (that represented Jewish Americans), they all face the same direction (West towards the US). I remember seeing pictures from my brother and my parents when they visited the cemetery, but it was a lot different to see in person. It wasnt crowded at all, which was nice because I could walk around the cemetery without distraction. The pictures of the cemetery, really do not do justice to the meticulous detail of the memorial. After the cemetery I returned to Bayeux and explored the town a little more. I also sat down and got a coffee. After getting a coffee I headed to the train station to catch a train back to Caen to meet up with Jaimie. We both swapped stories of our visits and headed back to Rouen for the night. I got a little nervous on the way because I had forgotten my 12-25 card which is a train discount card for student that cuts off 50 percent on train rides. The conductor asked me for my card and I explained to him that I forgot it (in my best french mind you). However, he ended up getting more upset at Jaimie who tried to help explain to the conductor the situation. Luckily he just walked away. However, now I know better, and plan on remembering my 12-25 card! We got back to Rouen and headed to bed early because we were taking a bus early the next morning to Mont-St-Michel