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Cerca Trova: Seek and You Shall Find

Written on: Wednesday January 31st, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen

Seek and You Shall Find. Today after my International Marketing class I went for a run around town because it was one of the rare sunny days in Rouen. Running around school is a difficult task due to the high frequency of cars etc, but with all these baquettes and crepes, I need some sort of fitness to stay in shape. I tried a different path than my other running paths and went where I knew there would be less traffic etc. It was a really nice day and was not cold at all. I ran and found a short cut to get to downtown Rouen. On my return leg of my run I passed by a sign near a patch of trees and stopped to look at it. It looked like a mini running/walking path. It was difficult to read because it was on a worn out wooden board, but it looked like a trail within the wooded path. I decided that since I could use a little more running, that I would follow the path and see where it would lead me. The path wasnt clearly cut, but this was probably due to the winter season, however there were markers on trees that somewhat led the way, and my guessing also helped along the way. The path led to some woods off the road and these woods reminded me of the paths back home behind my house in Vermont. It was a little bumpy with branches, sticks and mud strewn throughout the path, but it was manageable. It's trully corny to say, but it was really fun to find this and felt like an adventure because I had no idea whatsoever where I would end up. After about five minutes running through this path I eventually came to a mini roundabout situated near an overlook. This overlook had an amazing panoramic view of Rouen and with the sun setting slowly, the city was basked in a reddish orangish light. The path went downhill after that closer to the city, but since it was getting dark and close to dinner time I decided that it was time to head back, and fourtunately this overlook was about a three minute jog away from the school, so I decided that I would explore the rest of the path on my next run. This was a really awesome find because I was not expecting to find it and it was such a gorgeous day. I will definitely go and explore the rest of the trail and take some pictures from the overlook and post them.


From Bryan Rite on Jan 31st, 2007

Hey Celeste, I love your blog, but I noticed that they're usually just one HUGE text block. I just wanted to check and see if thats on purpose or if its taking out spaces for some reason? if its giving you any problems be sure to contact me!