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London Adventure

Written on: Friday January 26th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen

Hannah and I left Rouen around 12 to go into paris to catch a flight at charles de gaulle. This is easier said than done since our train from rouen arrived at gare st. lazare and we needed to get to cdg from gare du nord. It took some time and money but we finaly got to cdg and we rested up before our first flight on easy jet. The flight was only an hour so we arrived around 5pm and took an easybus into london and arrived on baker street at 6pm. And thus began the adventure to get to our hostel. Our hostel was in the camden area which isnt too far from baker street, but at night and after travelling, it would be easier to take the tube. I forget who told me that the tube was easy... because it really wasnt the greatest experience I've had (more about that later). Anyway, after some confusion I asked at the info desk what were the best transfers to get to Camden town station. He said it would be easier to take the bus. So hannah and I hopped onto a double decker bus and set off for our hostel. London is nice to see atop a double decker bus, especially at night. The city is beautifully lit up and being on the second floor of the bus is really cool. After getting off at our stop, I decided it would be easiest to ask where Bayham street was because we got off at different location than the stop that I had directions for. However, pretty much nobody had heard of the street..... and I was getting worried. it was around 7pm and all i really wanted to do was get to the hostel. However after getting some direction from a half drunken man we arrived at our hostel that we shared with four other people, one who was already getting ready for bed. Hannah and I dropped off our stuff and we headed out. We first walked around the Camden area and got some food at a kebab place.... you can always trust the kebab places in europe for some decent inexpensive food. We then hopped on a bus and ventured to Trafalgar square. Trafalgar Square is a large square where the National Gallery is located. The square also has a couple large fountains and a column to commemorate admiral Nelson who led the British to victory in the Battle of Trafalgar during the Napoleonic War. It was nice to see at night because the square was not busy and the fountains and statures were lit up. We then walked around and reached picadilly circus with the large lit up signs. Surprisingly it was around 10 pm but stores were open and the streets were crowded. We then made our way to Leicester Square and looked around and walked around the area until we headed back to the hostel around 11:30 to get ready for our long day.