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Sunday Market

Written on: Sunday January 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen

Venturing into town to fully experience a different aspect of french culture through the market scene. Today we woke up and journeyed into town to check out some markets downtown. We had heard that the market at Place St. Mark?s was really good and had a lot to offer, so we took the bus to Hotel de Ville and walked to Place St. Mark?s. Since most of France is closed on Sundays, it was surprising to see how packed the market was when we finally arrived. The market was amazing though! It was full of vendors selling various stuff and it was divided by antique vendors, fruit and produce, clothing, cheese, candy, flowers, bread and hot meals such as fresh rotisserie chicken and paella cooked on large dishes. I bought some cheese, apples and clementines. I also bought a little bit of candy from one of the vendors, but it was pretty expensive! After wandering the stalls for a good hour or two, we ventured to find some food. Unfortunately, most of the cafes and brasseries were only open for drinks, and I was starving. So we found a Kebab place, which are all over Rouen and Paris. They have this long skewer of meat which they shave off and place in a pita like sandwich with lettuce and fries and tzatziki?. Pretty much it is delicious! After lunch we sat at a café and ordered some hot chocolate and discussed our travel plans. This was overwhelming because there are so many places we want to go! After relaxing at the café for awhile we headed back to school. Overall it was a fun day to explore the markets on and absorb a little more of the French culture.