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First Couple of Days in Rouen

Written on: Tuesday January 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen

Arrived at Charles De Gaulle on a semi sunny afternoon on the third. I was completely exhausted, but was looking forward to starting off my semester in Rouen. The taxi ride to Rouen took about an Hour and forty minutes as we drove through spacious fields. It was interesting to observe the landscape of france in the north, because it was very vast and filled with farms and lush grass. We passed by several villages, but most of our journey consisted of wide open fields. We finally arrived in Mont-St-Aignan which is about 10 min bus outside of Rouen. Mont-St-Aignan is where the school ESC is located. The first day was filled with administrative stuff, nothing too grand to talk about. The next day (the sixth) I walked around downtown Rouen with Hannah and Shannon. Although it was raining, I really was excited to see the city. Walking around the city was nice, especially since it is not too large and not too crowded on the streets. We learned also that since it was a saturday, most food places do not serve food, but mainly are open for drinks. It was around 10 am in the morning and the French were ordering wine and beer! We walked to the Notre Dame Cathedral, browsed the shopping streets, walked along the seine and finally ended up in Place St. Mark's which had a couple of market vendors open. Hannah and I talked with a French man for a couple of minutes and chatted about the city, then we headed to a small cafe to order some coffee. Though it wasnt the best day to walk around rouen and take pictures, our venture into the city was a fun one.