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Written on: Friday April 20th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen

Today I arrived in Nice. We arrived in the city pretty late, around 9pm.  Finding our hostel was probably the most rigourous expedition i have been on.  Our hostel was located on the outskirts of Nice high above the hill and the train station is in the center of the city.  Since it was after nine only the night bus was running and our directions from the hostel werent the best.  Eventually we arrived at the Hostel around 10:45 and all i wanted to do was go to sleep.  

We woke up the next morning with plans to go scuba diving, however we had to change our plans because we missed the 7:30 departure that we thought was at 9am.  Anyway, we planned to hit up cannes and monaco to make our one day in the area complete.  We had a really good breakfast and headed downtown.... which took much longer than expected due to a late bus.  We finally arrived at the port where there were tons of boats docked.  Thankfully the sun was shining and there was even a nice breeze.  We walked along the port until we found the boardwalk.  The boardwalk was relaly nice and full with people walking running and biking.  Nice was full of tourists to my surprise.  We then found the Marche aux Fleures where we bought some very delicious strawbwerries from a man who thought Hannah and I were sisters (we often get this).  After walking for a  bit around the downtown area of Nice we went to the train station to buy a ticket to Cannes.  Surprisingly the ticket was very cheap and Cannes was only 20 minutes away.