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Port Alberni Travellings.

Written on: Thursday March 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: Port Alberni Travellings.

My oldest sister Cassie had been in the hospital for some pregnancy complications, so for my spring break I decided to take a nice, looooong bus ride to Port Alberni to take care of her other two kids. My sister and her family had lived in Cranbrook until last year, so I missed my nephews ALOT. Nathaniel,who is six, and Mason, who is two, are simply the most amazing little boys in the whole wide world.

I left at 6pm on Thursday. I had my ipod, and my boyfriend's nintendo DS, so I felt pretty confident about my trip. Until I was 6 I had lived in Nanaimo, and missed the ocean terribly, so I was stoked to see it again. I was looking forward to the alone time, and actually really enjoyed myself. Until I got to Golden. Due to a nicely timed mudslide, my next bus was really late. It was like..10pm, and because Golden doesn't even have a real greyhound station, I had to wait in the FastGas watching for my bus, in which I had no idea when it was going to arrive. Along with me was a 14 year old who was also waiting for the same bus. I decided to be polite and ask him if he wanted to accompany me for a nice walk and talk. He was really quiet, unlike myself...so I did most of the talking.

Finally our next bus came around 12:30. It was really crowded, which sucked because I was looking forward to getting some sleep. I don't know how many of you have taken greyhound buses, but 90% of the time they are filled with the sketchiest people you will ever meet. As you get closer to the coast, the sketchier people get. I was pretty relieved to get off of the bus and on to the ferry. Besides from the nausea, I love ferries. It was really cloudy and cold, and I froze my ass off outside, but I loved every minute of it.

In Nanaimo I had a 2 hour layover, so I was really excited to walk around and see the place again. My nice walk suddenly wasn't so nice after passing two very drunk native men who decided to stalk me for awhile. Finally they left me alone, and I found the coolest place. I had to do some climbing, and got mud all over my jeans, but I found this old abandoned basketball court or something. Wall to wall was this amazing graffiti. I'm artistically retarded, and living in Cranbrook, the closest you get to graffiti is someone writing "poo" on the trash cans beside Safeway. So seeing graffiti that was actually ART, was pretty cool.

When I was finished taking a million pictures of the graffiti, I suddently realized how close to the ocean I was, and ran until I got there. The ocean is my home. Ever since I left it when I was 6, I knew I would live close to it again. Its hard to describe just how much I am in love with it. It's sound....even its gross smell. I love it all. I didn't have very much time, so I quickly gathered a few seashells and headed back to my bus.

On my next bus, I was quite entertained by this lady who sat right behind the bus driver and flirted hardcore with him the whole time. When I arrived in Port Alberni, my brother in law picked me up in his cop car, and as I got off the bus I could hear her tell the bus driver that the cop was probably there for her, because she had been a very bad girl. Yum. Hahah.

I spent 5 days being mommy to Mason and Nathaniel, and absolutely loooved it. It was exhausting, and the smell of baby poop doesnt exactly agree with my stomach, but I had the most amazing time. Mason is the craziest, most adorable little kid you will ever meet. He refused to call me Cindy, and stuck with calling me mom. (which I secretly enjoyed haha) Nathaniel is going through this awkward stage. Being 6, his head is still too big for his body, he is getting adult teeth that are way too big for his face, and he has the craziest cowlick I have ever seen. Oh I love that boy. It was so sad when I had to leave. But I was glad to be going home and getting some rest.

My trip back was pretty similar to the trip there. Plenty of trembling people, mumbling to themselves about god knows what. I met this pretty cool guy named Shane. It was nice to have someone to talk to for awhile. The ferry ride was much sunnier.

I got the joy of watching some sick ass coughing lady barf in her mouth. You know you are bored when that is the most interesting part of your day hahaha.

As boring as it was sometimes though, Im so glad I got to go by myself. I was in definite need of some alone time. I want to go back already.