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From: Nanaimo, BC, Canada

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I find it difficult sometimes to describe myself but let's try. Independant, spontaneous, down to earth. I love learning new things from others people and new places, I cherish what they share with me and absorb it inside, making it useful in my own life.  I love my family and close friends, they help me along.  I like living a simple life and very comtemplative about this spiralling society we live in.  Change comes easy and frequently, never can be in the same place or doing the same thing for too long (perhaps not a good thing...) Eager to meet amazing people, expose myself to new opinions, beliefs and values. Always up for a good time and I love to of the best feelings ever.  Innate sense of wanting to help others so they can eventually help themselves.  Everyone deep down inside has the capability and will power to make a good life for themselves, they just might need a little help to get started. I help them and they help me become a better person, its a great endless circle. I guess that's a start about who I am.  Just breathe...