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Booked the flight

Written on: Saturday March 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: Central America

So I think this is really happening...and yes, very fast. I just booked my flight yesterday to El Salvador April 29th.  Doing the volunteer thing for 3 weeks in an orphanage and then off to adventure through the rest of the countries.  I am in contact with other volunteers in the program so it will be great to have some contacts when I first get down there. And we are planning to do lots of sightseeing when we aren't at the orphanage. I am so excited about the trip and alsoa bit nervous, but that's a normal feeling about the unknown...


From Bryan Rite on Mar 10th, 2007

Chelsea, that sounds amazing. Send me the info on the orphange you're volunteering at and maybe we can add them to our charity list?