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Written on: Tuesday May 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: Asia

I've just discovered the amazing footstops, and plan to set everything up so I can have details of my trip that begins by going to the airport on the night of the 19th of May!!

I will then fly to Bangkok via Singapore, where I will travel around South East Asia for the rest of the year.

I keep thinking of things I have to do, questions that I think need answers, things I still need to pack.  Then my mind slips to the amazing trip I am about to emark on...


From chelsea on Jun 23rd, 2007

Hey mum and rach i hope i may be able to communicate with you here?? leave a message and then i can write back to you??

From chelsea on Jun 23rd, 2007

Hey, me again, hope you both can find this site, i just sent you think link via an e-card... fingers crossed! love you both. oh, and rach the tigers website looks fab!

From Rach on Jun 26th, 2007

Hey Chels, Not sure if this is going to work, but HELLO!! Thanks so much for your emails, great to know you're safe and sound, and best of all having an awesome time. It's great that you've got a good chick with you there too. Not much news from my end, but the search for our new pad in St Kilda has begun! Chat soon, Rach

From Debbie Stanley on Jun 26th, 2007

Hello little cub, Don't know if this is going to work but here goes...just want you to know how excited I was to hear from you and to know you were ok - your friend sounds nice and I have a really good feeling about this trip. Guess what? Mum and Dad have some 'spare' money and want to buy me a new washing machine (yahhh). I'm going to see if this works - bye the way - I love you xxxxx Wombat

From chelsea on Jun 29th, 2007

Hey mumma and rach! Yes, it worked really well, thanks for doing it!! I'm in Mandalay at the moment - so so hot. Me and gail just hired bicycles to get around town in, so it its going to be an adventure!! So far so good, the golden rock trek was a huge hike, so steep. Only 3 of us walked the whole way, the rest hired people to carry them in chair type things. I walked the whole way up! Then it started raining after we got to the top. It rained all night, and all the next day - so we had to walk down in the pouring and I mean pouring rain. Then we did some sightseeing in Bago, and yesterday we left at 6am to get a train to Mandalay. A 14 Hour train ride later, we arrived in Mandalay. We had Indian from a little food stall for dinner, and then went to bed. This morning we went on a nice boat cruise, very relaxing, but roastingly hot! Most of the group is fantastic though, and having a ball. Rpt to have Gail on the trip. Well, I hope I haven't waffled too much..... love you both xxxx

From chelsea on Jun 29th, 2007

Rach, so happy that things are going to work out with you and renes. Make sure you e-mail me some of the options, or the one you decide on. (well I will get them when I'm back in Thailand in 9 days). How are things? Missing my puddy tat heaps. Hmm hmm hmm. Loving, Loving xxx

From chelsea on Jun 29th, 2007

Mumma, you deserve a new washing machine for all you did fo them when you were in tassie. Very happy for you! Make sure you get a nice one - because my clothes and polar will need a HUGE wash when I get home...hehe. Having fun mum, being active, trying to not get burnt. Everything is so different here. The countryside we saw from the train was like asia 100 years ago, pretty amazing. There are stacks of Monks, which look fantastic, so we are all on the hunt to get the best Monk photo!! I'm missing your little voice heaps, but I'm safe, al the hotel are lovely, and I know I will speak to you soon. Please look aftr each other, and know I am loving you all of the time. Miss xxx will try and write again soon xxx

From Debbie Stanley on Jun 29th, 2007

Hello little cub, so happy to hear that your experience in Burma is going so well...very proud of you and have been feeling very calm about not hearing from you which I have believed is due to the fact that you are having a good time and have a nice friend. Excellent work with the bikes, it is a bit scarey if you haven't been on them for a while but well done! About to start school holidays so expecting 30,000 through in next 2 weeks...Rach and I are both well as is all the fam. Love you so much Chels, please keep enjoying yourself and do not worry about us - this is the chance of a lifetime (and you will never be able to go again so make the most of it!! he he) Love and kisses. Da Mamma

From Rachie on Jul 3rd, 2007

Hey CJ, sorry about not writing for a few days, sounds like you're having a great time over there, so happy for you! Not much goss here, I went out for dinner with Aysh and Joey last night so that was fun, and I've got bball tonight at 8.30pm. The new fishy is so cool (washing machine), and we got the back window fixed, so much light coming through now! Bec has quit Dreamworld cos she was poached from the GC casino, gonna be on big bucks now. Renee and Liz have moved out of Seagull Ave and are living at home again until Reners moves down. End of an era I tell ya...