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Life in Surabaya

Written on: Friday October 26th, 2007

A journal entry from: Indonesia/South East Asia

Alright, so I finally found an internet connection fast enough to make this not terribly painfull. I arrived in Surbaya about a month and a half ago, and it has been very interesting since. Life in Surabaya is certainly different from home, although I was expecting a culture shock so it wasn't too hard to adjust to.

Just walking along the street is a jouney in itself. There arent very many westerners in Surabaya, they dont get a lot of tourists, so people tend to be suprised when they see a white person walking along the street. Suprised is actually an understatement, I have had to get used to people slowing down their cars (like in Canada when you drive by a street accident and you cant help but stare) and gawking out the window and even veering closer to get a better look. I dont even hear the honking anymore, people like to try to get your attention so you will look at them and they will be able to see your face. Children are even more obvious about it than adults, walking around the mall you have little kids pulling at their mothers hands saying "mom! Look! what is she??" awesome. My roomate warned me that at first the staring annoys you, then you become indifferent, then you start to feel strange when people DONT stare. I think i am at the indifferent stage right now.

The food here is something else i have had to get used to. I am not a great spice eater, which doesnt work well with the food here, everything is SO spicy! I am learning to like it though, and I even crave spice now, and add more on! Who would have thought?

The city of Surabaya is a huge busy city. Its a busy work center, so there isnt much to do other than go to the nearest mall, which they are famous for. The malls are HUGE, and there are hundreds here. Everywhere you look there are more malls, or additions to old malls, so a common sunday adventure is going to "supermall" and hanging out in Starbucks with a coffee and a good book.

So, that is a short update of my life in Surabaya so far, I look forward to more adventures as I visit more areas around Indonesia and South East Asia.