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Grand Canyon

Written on: Saturday March 29th, 2008

A journal entry from: Camping Mexico


 We have now been back in the USA for almost a week and yet we continue discover idiosyncrasies of the American culture which detract from this current traveling experience when reflecting on our time in Mexico.  For example:

  1. Campsite in the Arizona desert $26.31 versus a casita at a villa with pool overlooking the ocean, private bathroom, and two minute walk from the surf in Puerto Escondito 300 Pesos (less than $30).
  2. Mexican airspace ? mostly sun with a few clouds and lots of stars at night.  American airspace ? at least 5 contrails within sight at all times.
  3. American state and national park entrance fees make you think the parks system is run by a publicly traded corporation.  Mexican parks are few and far between however you can access the wilderness at any moment for free (or nearly).
  4. The urban migration within America is not complete, they are still living in their RV?s traveling the highways.  Mexicans are happy to live outside both in the cities and in the country, no one seems to be moving anywhere.

 Despite the extravagance of the United States the activities and landmarks Alayna and I have visited in the past few days has been extremely enjoyable (minus a few frozen nights at high altitude).  No doubt, there are numerous other locations while on our way home which will make our trip an unforgettable one. 


 Using words to illustrate the Grand Canyon is challenging at best. I think that words diminish the experience and magnificence of it all. At least the words I would string together to try to describe it would. Rather than write at length about the breadth and grandeur of the canyon, Colin and I have posted several pictures. The pictures were taken when we first arrived, around 1pm until dusk. Enjoy!


From Tom Sullivan on Apr 4th, 2008

Thanks for bringing my boom to Baja. Congradulations You discovered the real freedom of Mexico. I have been following your trip since you left. I worried that your culture shock at firstentering Tijuana would taint your experience.