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Mayan Riviera

Written on: Monday February 18th, 2008

A journal entry from: Camping Mexico


I am sitting down to write another entry into our ever expanding travel blog whilst Alayna shaves her legs in our ?sink? beside me. This ritual which we perform, the travel blogging not the shaving (although shaving is a ritual for Alayna it is not usually performed in conjunction with the former) started out as a very exciting thing however it has more the feeling of an assignment these days. When we complete this voyage we will no doubt be happy we went to such lengths to create a detailed journal with many of our favorite photos. Editing the photos for the entries has become something to look forward to as we enjoy reviewing the events which have transpired since our last dialog was handed over to the public domain.

Since our last posting we have been seeing aqua blue waters and white sand beaches of the Mayan Riviera. No doubt, the swimming during the last 5 days has been some of the best of the trip. Although there is wind here everyday, most days, it has not been strong enough to enjoy kiteboarding in. However, I did get a chance to cruise the waters off Cancun last night before heading back south to Playa Del Carmen where our campsite is.


Cancun does not have much to offer Alayna and I since we are camping in the dirt and not staying at the Ritz. The beaches along the Cancun hotel zone are very beautiful however they are lined with large resorts and crowded with lounge chairs for the guests. There are very few public access areas which makes it difficult to go for a stroll along the beach. We looked into some accommodations within the area however a simple hotel room which is not located on a beach goes for $1760 Pesos so we thought that it was not for us. If you are heading down south to spend a week at a resort Cancun is definitely the place to go however for budget travelers looking for a less developed area to put your beach towel down Tulum is more what you are looking for.

Tulum impressed both Alayna and I in the fact that there was much more than just ruins. The beach is very attractive and has a lot of area to handle the crowds, which are not large, which come here. We stayed on a property which had 15 or so cabanas and had an area for car camping, camping cost us $50 Pesos each per night which is a pretty good deal for camping right on the beach and within walking distance to the ruins. The town of Tulum is mostly built along the edge of the highway that joins Chetumal to Cancun. There are numerous Mexican shops and good restaurants along the strip, French, Italian, and American cuisine are all available.


Manana will be a turning point for Colin and I, literally. As of tomorrow AM we no longer head south, or even east, rather, we steer north and west. I guess one could officially say we are on our way home. Yikes. At least we have two whole months to get there. Very Mexican style ;)

Speaking of Mexican style, it recently dawned on me that I no longer question or even notice many of the distinctively Mexican accoutrements that were once so blatantly obvious and in-your-face to Colin and I. Mexican culture, society, food, infrastructure, NOISE, dogs, road-kill, beaches, warm bottled water, tortillerias, zapaterias, pot-holed highways, broken sidewalks, lavanderias, music (everywhere), insane markets, children, pesos, super-mercados, gringos, extreme poverty, extreme wealth?these things no longer seem foreign or even mildly offensive to me. It?s become, well, normal. Very normal. I enjoy being immersed in this society, and I find it unnerving to think that I have to leave it all behind this spring. This country, in its own way, has graciously welcomed and accepted Colin and I over the past months, and I do believe I will be suffering a most austere and sobering culture-shock upon my return to the USA and eventually, Canada.


From Kristin on Feb 20th, 2008

Wow, nice camping spot guys! Alayna you look way too relaxed, enjoy the time you have there and together. Trust me you're not missing much in Vic.

From MOM on Feb 21st, 2008

We were in Tulum several years ago..very nice. We have lots of pictures to share...Our weather in NZ has also been great. Off roading in the mountains in Wanaka today, and jet boating on the river. See you in two months!

From CJ on Feb 23rd, 2008

okay, i miss you guys now. you can come home soon.