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La Paz & La Ventana

Written on: Saturday December 1st, 2007

A journal entry from: Camping Mexico



We are now in a setting which is far beyond our budget???.however, we are fortunate that it belongs to a friend of ours.  I have settled into the camping ritual now.  We have been spending the last week (most of) in a tent and living out of the back of the truck.  It rained a far a bit the past day and a half however and I am therefore thankful to be welcomed into a cozy home with all of the amenities.


Everything gets done a little slower on the Baja.  There is no need to get up early and plenty of time in the day to get things done.  The objectives for a day usually consist of a little housekeeping (fixing the air mattress for example) and some traveling or sightseeing goal.  It is nice to wake up and know that the only thing you will do in the day is a minor task that would only take a matter of minutes back home.  It feels good to be able to ?waste? a day as I have never really had the sense that it was appropriate.


I had the opportunity to use my new kiteboarding equipment.  After some initial frustrations with my foot straps the gear was ready to go.  Two days of kiteboarding was had on my 2008 10m Ocean Rodeo Venturi (sp?) Rise, Alayna was kind enough to attend and did not complain about being left on the beach.  The beach at La Ventana is fantastic for kiteboarding, it is quite broad and has a lot of room for kites to spread out.  Baja Joes is a great little spot on the beach however we did not stay there.  We had fantastic grande pollo (chicken) burros at a place called Raffas just up from our campsite (45 pesos), we will eat there again this coming Thursday. 


Last night our neighbor at the Casa Blanca RV Resort in La Paz offered for us to sleep in his second camper trailer.  It was nice to have a bed and get in out of the rain. 


We drove to Todos Santos today where we have settled into our friends? casita, we are very appreciative to have been welcomed by her and look forward to spending this week touring the area.  Todos is an artsy town with lots of little shops to buy silver and ceramics at however I do not think that the stuff is local.

Hotel California is also in the town however I have been told that the Eagles were not referring to an actual Hotel California just the area (they have the rights anyways).


I got in a surf session at Playa (beach) Cerritos at km marker 64 just south of TS.  The break is located at the north end of the beach tucked in behind a point; there were good head high sets coming through however the wind was on it on the outside.  There were a lot of Mexican surfers out however did not receive any of the attitude that is almost expected at any surf break.  There are several surf breaks within the area which I look forward to getting to with Chris and Graham once they arrive.


From Colin DL on Dec 4th, 2007

I am torn between happieness for you two and jelousy. I guess I had my time in Maui but dam this trip is shaping up to be a sweet one.