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LA day

Written on: Thursday November 15th, 2007

A journal entry from: Camping Mexico


 My day started this morning at 5:30 am. It is hard to believe that rush hour begins at such an hour in Los Angeles, but I assure you it does.  Our hotel happened to be located on a main road leading into the city and, well, a lot of people drive a lot of cars, and these cars make a lot of noise. Not that I have anything to complain about, I am on vacation all winter and it was 88 degrees out and sunny all day.

 Our first stop today, was, uh?LA traffic? Ah, yes, the traffic. We arrived last night around 7pm, and 10 lanes of freeway are slowly crawling along. The traffic is the same all day today. There is traffic EVERYWHERE. Maybe that is why people drive such nice cars around here?because they spend so much damn time in their cars, in the dreaded traffic. I am not a car person, I leave that up to my sister, but we saw numerous Bentleys, Porches, Aston Martins, Ferraris, Mercedes and BMWs (none over 3 years old, I bet)

 We continued to fight the traffic and eventually made it to Bel Air and Beverly Hills. No shortage of massive houses and Mexican labourers tending to the immaculate lawns accompanying these mansions. The wealth that exists in this city is so obvious, and I find myself torn between a desire for a life full of these things (big house, nice car, and nice horses) and a disgust with the excess, superficialness, and over-indulgence of it all. These feelings left me desiring something more real, authentic, and familiar. I know! Let?s go visit UCLA! A college campus, that has to be more at our level.  

 HA! The UCLA campus, while buzzing with students, still screams of exclusiveness and wealth. Don?t get me wrong, it truly is a beautiful campus. The buildings are wonderful and full of character and there are acres of green space. The library (not sure which one) was stunning. It was like an old church inside. For those of you who know me personally, you know how much I love school. Well, finding a place to study that is this appealing does not help my nostalgic love affair with school. I must go back.

 Santa Monica and Venice beach are equally beautiful. However, I was quite disappointed that I did not see Pam or David Hasselhoff gallivanting down the beach to save some poor sole swept away by the current. Oh well.

 At 3pm we decided to face the traffic yet again, in search of a sunset overlooking the Hollywood Hills. We had no detailed map, and I was very impressed with Colin?s ability to navigate this massive and congested city regardless. After the sunset we toured around the Griffith Observatory, and we met Einstein. Colin debated the Theory of Relativity with him. He is very smart.

 We finished the day off with a stroll down Rodeo Drive.  All of the stores were closed by the time we arrived (recall, the traffic). I wonder if Colin had this planned.  The highlight was my discovery of a store with ?I LOVE HORSES!? in the window. All good until I look closer at the window display and I see the most hideous excuse for a saddle ever constructed.  It is alligator skin and putrid. An awful orange-beige colour, it is VERY stiff looking, and a really ugly style. And, to top it all off, the damn thing is $200,000!!!!! What the?!? Erin, Danica, Rory, Jessica?all my horse-riding buddies, you?ll understand my disbelief when you see the pictures. The only thing this saddle had going for it were the Stubben stirrup irons accompanying it (I had to check). And if your heart so desires, you can have a couple of matching crocodile (an endangered species) luggage bags for a mere $250,000.

 Los Angeles is a city that is definitely worth visiting, but I am not sure I would advocate spending more than a few days here. Unless, of course, you have a fancy car, giant house, and a salary that allows you to shop on Rodeo Drive.


From Kirten Hagen on Nov 15th, 2007

Once you get to SanDiego there is a really good campsite, its a KOA in Chula Vista. Its near the Mexican border and has everything, laundry, internet. Not cheap ($40 a night). Might be an idea for at least the night before you cross the border.

From Yasha + Juergen on Nov 16th, 2007

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