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First surf (Rincon Beach)

Written on: Tuesday November 13th, 2007

A journal entry from: Camping Mexico

Where to start?

Today Alayna and I woke up (7:15) at a Motel 6 in San Simeon, we have found that the Motel 6?s are the most affordable ($55). The skies this morning were clear and the temperature was warm, no sweatshirts necessary for the first time. The dive south from San Simeon takes you through farmer?s fields which contained a wide variety of produce. The California coast is not what I had thought it would be like, the diversity has kept the interest going the whole time. After leaving San Simeon Alayna and I stopped at a fruit stand and picked up a pound of fresh strawberries for $2, the berries did not last longer than 10 minutes.

Further south we drove, arriving in Santa Barbara around 11:30 in the morning. Having navigated our way from the freeway (101, which actually comes right down to the strip) to the ocean we drove leisurely to the pier and beach. I thought that there would be a strip of shops and restraints along the ocean however there is primarily private residences. The main street (State St) runs perpendicular to the ocean font. Prior to proceeding to State Street I put shorts on for the first time. There is an awesome skate park right down on the beach and A LOT of pelicans diving and flying in groups. Off the coast is several oil rigs, I think the Santa Barbarians are watching their oil money closely.

We had our trips first meal out at the ?Natural Café?, fish tacos with rice and beans for me and the zen burger for Alayna (total = $18.75, fantastic location). After lunch we proceeded to a coffee shop to upload yesterday?s blog, do some online banking, and a look at the local surf forecast. It is tough for Alayna to see all of the fancy shops (Coach, Betsy Johnson, Saks Fifth Ave, Sephora to name a few) and not have the time to shop because I cannot tolerate such activities. After walking through a small farmers market we proceeded to Rincon Beach where I scored my first waves of the trip.

Surf summary:

Chest high sets
1 hour on the water
4-5 PM (sunset)
Very few people around me (beach break)
Good right hand waves
Right off the highway
Wave count = 5

The whole trip has been a new experience for me, after long days of traveling the final hours are spent searching for reasonable lodgings (we have not yet camped). Although we have always managed to find a decent and inexpensive place to stay it is always an uncertainty from the moment we wake up. I know this is not a big deal however this uncertainty has caused me a sensation of angst throughout the day (they are not apparent in my behavior). Theses feelings are nothing to be concerned with however it is interesting that such circumstances are able to affect me (slightly, I am not stressed over such things). However, I found that after my first surfing session the feeling had completely disappeared. It is interesting that the activity of surfing has the ability to completely eliminate any such feelings and create a sense of calm and relaxation. I think I just have to get used to being in transit all the time.

After watching the sunset over Rincon Beach Alayna and I proceeded south towards Los Angeles on 101. We managed to get a hotel room for $81 which has everything we want (TV, wireless internet, bathroom) compared to the Santa Monica hostel for $84.  

Finding out the cost of the hostel was an experience in itself; the pay phones here are disgusting and smell like urine. After disinfecting myself from the first one I used a plastic bag over the second one and did not touch the key pad.

Tomorrow?s agenda:

ˇ Beverly Hills

ˇ Santa Monica Pier

ˇ Hollywood

ˇ Malibu (possibly)

ˇ Rodeo Drive


From sam on Nov 14th, 2007

looks like you were surfing hobson's county park, nice weather! SB winter, so tough. Too bad you could connect with Loren..

From Kirsten Hagen on Nov 15th, 2007

Just wait . . . the fruit only gets better. I eat a mango a day here and they cost me 3 cents each!! They are the yummiest things you will ever taste. And fish tacos, two smoked marlin tacos and a cervasa . . . $6. Viva Mexico!!

From MOM on Nov 15th, 2007

Try travelling in the dark in a storm in the remote mountains of Ethiopia (10,000 feet high), no white people, no hotels, no lights, no washrooms...stressful to say the least!You need to exterminate the room before lying down on primitive bedding. I understand your anxiety. Just wait until you can camp in your own tent on a beautiful beach!

From Colin DL on Nov 19th, 2007

Hey dudes, Your trip sounds great so far. Green- has the water warmed up at all? Alayna- you really aut to buy that sattle. Remember, sometimes you need to suffer to look good. Its raining in vancouver believe it or not. Looking forwards to reading more.

From Fife on Nov 21st, 2007

Yo dude, that feeling of angst was for the waves not the accommodations!