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San Simeon

Written on: Tuesday November 13th, 2007

A journal entry from: Camping Mexico

Should have been posted last night however we did not have internet in our hotel.

 We are too tired to do a complete description of what went on today.  In point form, this is what the days events consisted of:

1.      Visit to Lombard St (the crookedest street in the world)

2.      The ?Full House house? and Alamo park

3.      Drive out to Half Moon Bay to see the famous Mavericks surf break (picked up our first bumper sticker of the trip)

4.      Drive south to Monterey Bay to see the aquarium (very good, $25 each)

5.      Proceeded to ?17 Mile Drive? for a tour of the famous Pebble Beach neighborhood and golf course ($9 entry fee for the car and well worth it?..incredible houses, golf courses, coast, beaches, equestrian centre, cliffs, vistas etc etc.)

6.      Stop at one of the ?Vista Points? to watch the sunset

7.      Pringles (sour cream), Hershey Bar (milk), coffee, and peppermint tea for dinner in Lucia parking lot?..we are embracing the American culture and their diet (first time)

8.      Drive south to San Simeon (in the dark) and Motel 6 for the night

 We are in Santa Barbara today, wonderful weather (first time in shorts). We will put up a more detailed posting when we get a hotel with internet.  We are sitting at a coffee shop on State St. right now.