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The most visited city in America

Written on: Sunday November 11th, 2007

A journal entry from: Camping Mexico


 We arrived in San Francisco last night in the pelting rain, darkness, and fog.  We woke up this morning to perfectly clear skies and a temperature of 15 degrees.  Needless to say our first destination was the Golden Gate Recreation Area to take in the views of that huge orange bridge, downtown, and the surrounding hills. We were amongst many other obvious tourists, and several bird watchers.  The hawks and vultures were there too! Good thing.

 The massive scale of the Golden Gate Bridge is difficult to capture in a photo, but we (Colin) tried. Like other famous landmarks, you find yourself just staring at it, for minutes at a time. I kept saying to myself ?that?s really it, that?s the Golden Gate bridge?. Apparently, I have spent too much time trapped on my island at home.

 What followed was a long day of walking, which started with a stroll all along the famous Fisherman?s Wharf. It was interesting to see these people boast about their abundance of seafood. For anyone who knows my line of work, they?ll understand why I have reason to believe otherwise. I digress?  Anyways, I was especially delighted with the permanent residents of Pier 39 (See photos of sea lions).  

 From there we grabbed an open double-decker bus tour all around the city. To be honest, I was slightly hesitant at first. You see, I was born and raised in Victoria, BC, and I have come to believe over the years, that only dorks ride those bus tours. Or so I thought.  The tour turned out to be informative and very entertaining.  You won?t see me riding one of those things in Victoria, however.  I will let Colin tell you about the sights we saw while riding the bus.

 Market Street appears to have some amazing shopping. I can?t say that for sure, because, well, I am traveling with Colin ;) We spent about 3.5 minutes in Forever 21, and I think that was all Colin could handle.  My wallet is thanking him.

Tomorrow we spend one more day in this fascinating and diverse city, then head to a campground for the night!


 Alayna is a very eloquent writer so I apologize before hand if my story telling abilities do not depict our adventure in such an entertaining fashion.

 As she has expressed, the first stop of the day gave us a clear and unobstructed view of the icon which is the Golden Gate Bridge.  I have flown into SF in the past and have had an opportunity to view the marvel of engineering from the air however seeing it up close is an experience in itself.  The island of Alcatraz is just within the confines of the bay and is clearly visible behind the famous bridge.  The city of San Francisco also hangs in behind the bridge and successfully depicts a classic scene of west coast California. 

 Many road bikers negotiate the winding hills and ocean vistas through the Golden Gate Recreation Area early in the day. I cannot help but to remember the stunning rides I had on the Hana highway on the south side of Maui earlier this spring. 

 The bus top tour we had was well worth the $25 which was charged.  We had the opportunity to get on and off an unlimited number of times at various points of interest within the downtown area.  The architecture within the city is quite diverse and interesting.  A great majority of the buildings were totaled in the 1989 earthquake however the city has managed to make it undetectable.  It is quite surreal to be surrounded my so many famous landmarks all at once. 

 The weather today could not have been better, it felt like early June in Victoria does.  Both Alayna and I felt that given the ideal conditions we should hit the city on foot while the going was good.  Tomorrow has been reserved for a visit to Alcatraz ($21) as the weather does not have such an impact on the activity (it may actually enhance the experience to have some fog/rain/mist).  The Tanner family residence will be paid a visit as well as the ?crookedest street in the world? (Lombard St.).  Tomorrow afternoon / evening we will pay a visit to Half Moon Bay (famous Mavericks surf break) and head south to Santa Cruz for some camping.


From pepperdine on Nov 12th, 2007

Am I the only one wondering why you haven't been surfing yet? Also, that looked like some wind at the beach there... what gives? Wow, Mac store.. nerd central.

From Colin & Jana on Nov 13th, 2007

You guys look like you are having a great time!! Its so nice to read up on what you are doing. We will be kept very well informed. Colin thinks Green's writing has stepped up significantly considering his everyday banter. Well done! Looking forward to hering more and more. Have fun!!!