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Big trees, a lot of rain, two Golden Gate crossings

Written on: Saturday November 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: Camping Mexico


 We drove over the Golden Gate Bridge tonight??.twice.  The hotels / motels on the south side of the bridge are much more expensive than on the north ($169 versus $79) so driving back north saved us considerable monies. 

 The day started out at 9AM, heading to the grocery store for some breakfast provisions.  Bananas and yogurt ran us a total of $0.84, plus the granola bars we had packed from back home.  Another tank fill up and we were on our way to check out some of the ?monster? trees in the area.  A five minute drive outside of Crescent Beach takes you to a one lane dirt road that runs right through an incredible old growth forest.  I will let Alayna illustrate what we had witnessed there.

 We had our first of many coastal vistas looking south over the bluffs at a bend in highway 101.  Highway 101 runs down the coast line until Eureka California where it then turns inland.  While in Eureka we had one of my tires patched up (a slow leak had been present I think for a few weeks).  There is a beach just north of Eureka where we had a chance to run the old Tacoma up onto and down the beach for a while, I had not had a change to drive in sand with my BFG all terrains yet and found they work fantastic, more sand driving to come in the following months. 

 The last portion of our drive into San Francisco was not very pleasant because it was raining fairly heavily, the highways were rough and poorly lit, and my windshield wipers are worn out (I will replace them tomorrow).  We seem to have brought the rain with us as it followed us pretty much all day.  We are looking forward to clear and sunny skies and it looks like Sunday will provide what we desire (according to the forecast). 


?A rainy day is the perfect time for a walk in the woods.?  ~Rachel Carson

 It rained today, which, according to Rachel Carson, is the perfect time for a walk in the woods.  So that is what we did, and I couldn?t agree more.  I have visited an old-growth forest before, but none like the one I saw today. The monumental trees of the Red Wood forests of Northern California maintain this ability to make you feel truly insignificant.  As we walked through these colossal trees Colin and I agreed that the whole experience was heightened by the rain and mist that hung over the canopy. It made everything feel very still and fresh. The air was so incredibly pure, and likely the cleanest air we will be breathing for quite some time, at least until we are back on Dallas Road in Victoria J

I could go on struggling to describe the Red Wood forest that we experienced today, but my description seems inconsequential.  Do visit these forests at some point in your life, and then you?ll really understand what I felt and why it is so vital that we cherish what remains of these precious temperate rainforests.

 San Francisco tonight. Tanner family, here I come!!!! (For all of you closet Full House fans)


From Russell on Nov 11th, 2007

Great pictures. I?ll never forget wandering through the park to the LBJ grove with Andy at about 6:30am ? the top of trees were lost in the mist and the smell was amazing (provided Andy wasn?t too close).