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Portland walk around to Crescent Beach

Written on: Friday November 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: Camping Mexico


 Well??we started the day off at our hostel, 8:30 AM wakeup with free bagels and some research into accommodations somewhere around the California Oregon boarder (we have gotten a $49 motel room in Crescent Beach).  It was overcast in Portland however there was no sign of rain.

 We left our accommodations on foot to find out what Portland is like in the day.  For a Friday, the streets were quite quiet with few people walking around and very little activity in general.  The city has many similarities to Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle.  The river walk which was highly recommended was nothing in comparison to the walk along the Victoria waterfront.  There is an ?interstate loop? which surrounds the downtown core and the river.  All public transit within the interstate loop is free and mostly comprises of light rail street cars.

 There is a lot of ?good shopping? (Alayna) around the city all within walking distance (the nice parts of the city are all in close proximity and may be walked around within a matter of hours). 

 After seeing what the river walk had to offer we decided to march up to Washington Park and have a look at the rose garden. Washington park is very similar to Beacon Hill Park in Victoria however does not have the natural ecosystems which are a mandatory part of Beacon Hill.  The rose garden is fairly expansive and currently has many roses in bloom, it would be spectacular at the right time of year.  After stopping at the Holocaust memorial we exited the park through a nice trail amongst trees, ferns, and ivy (invasive). 

 After paying my speeding ticket (a US money order had to be aquired), actually $113, we departed the city and proceeded south (11:45AM).  We have been averaging 500 km per tank of gas, a full tank costs about $56 US so it is about $10 per 100 km which I feel is reasonable given the vehicle we have. 

 A stop at Target was in order because there is no state tax in Oregon.  Some items required for the journey:

  • Air compressor
  • Power steering and brake fluid
  • Gas conditioner and octane booster (for Mexico)
  • Tire sealant
  • Batteries (AA and AAA)
  • Laundry bag
  • Small external hard drive (our computer will not have enough memory for the trip)
  • Wash cloths

 Alayna and I pulled into Crescent Beach California at about 8PM.  The drive from Grants Pass takes you through the Redwood Forest, as you approach Crescent Beach the trees really become enormous!  We have been told about a great drive through the Redwoods that sounds similar to Humpback Road out by Goldstream Park. 

 As for now, I have gotten my first beer of the trip, a 6 pack and a bag of ice went for $5.45 and the beer is quite good.  We can hear a fog horn from our motel room which is making us excited for our coastal drive tomorrow.  I may get my first day of surf in tomorrow (there is a surf shop 50m from my motel room so I will ask what the local scene is like).