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Last day in Victoria

Written on: Tuesday November 6th, 2007

A journal entry from: Camping Mexico

Well??we have been scrambling lately. Leaving home for six months is no small task. Insurance, mail, payments, finding tenants for our place, packing, emptying our unit, getting the truck prepared, getting all our equipment in order, seeing our friends, and saying good bye to family have all be absorbing our time over the last few weeks.

I am sitting at my parent?s kitchen table writing this entry and was just rudely interrupted by a deer outside the window. She took off when I yelled at her, I have shown her who is boss.  My parents went to Ontraio for a few days and allowed us to use their place as a launch pad.  The process for leaving is similar to how Nasa goes to space (and equillay as complicated).  You slowly bring all your crap up to the launch pad, go through all the checlists, pack everything up, say good bye, and head out.

My condo still has not been rented which does not sit well with me. I showed it last night and will again today. Some of the applicants have been very good however none of them have made any commitments to take the unit. I am fortunate to have had Alayna?s father kindly offer to look after unit 411 while we are in the south, my parents will also help out whenever possible.

This trip has been a year in the making. It started by Alayna telling me that we ?must go traveling? or she would go without me. Last year at Jenna?s 30th birthday party in Tofino our friends Janna Lindsay and Colin Dalziel had just returned from a summer in Maui and Janna was giving Alayna some ideas. It has taken a while to refine our ideas and decide on where we would go and how we would do it. I am happy with our decision and look forward to a life changing journey.

Alayna and I have been working within our fields of study since our graduations, geography / environmental science and electrical engineering, respectfully. Both of our employers have requested that we ?hurry back? so we can continue helping the companies and further our careers. It is nice to know that we can earn good wages immediately upon returning.

We have been speaking with a lot of people on traveling in Central America in an attempt to be prepared. I have never been to a third world country and I know ?poco Espanol? (little Spanish). Alayna however took four years Spanish in high school so she will be my interpreter and I will be her protector (hope that arrangement works out). My knowledge of driving in Mexico consists of:

  • Don?t drive at night
  • Don?t drive at night
  • Know where you are going
  • Leave lots of time to get there
  • Don?t stop for anybody except for the 20 something?s with big guns in heavily starched fatigues

We know this for sure:

Wednesday - Vancouver
Thursday - Portland
Friday - Redwood Forest
Saturday ? California Coast

We depart tomorrow, should be interesting.


From Bryan Rite on Nov 8th, 2007

dude, sick. i didn't know you were going travelling! Good luck, and don't call Pepperdine 'hip'.

From Juergen Klein on Nov 8th, 2007

don't worry too much: it's easy (apart from some border crossings) and not as dangerous as some people like to portrait it... Visit our site http://dare2go.com for some reports - we're just ahead of you :D

From J.D. Lewis on Nov 8th, 2007

good luck green and if you are ever in situation where you need guidance, just think to yourself: "What would Rob do?"

From colin dalziel on Nov 8th, 2007

You truely are the MXG we all know. Yelling at deers and all. Have a sweet trip.

From pepperdine on Nov 8th, 2007

good luck kids. play safe. see you in a month. tops. godspeed.

From CArrie on Nov 8th, 2007

Where are you going in S.A? Have a great time? BAHA first? IF you are going down to Belize through Guatemala let me know. I travelled through there. This isthe time of your life. Carrie

From Chris J on Nov 10th, 2007

How dare that Dear! X