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Organized Finally!

Written on: Saturday May 10th, 2008

A journal entry from: Graduation Trek

My Contiki documents finally came! They still say 'unconfirmed' to the hotels in Moscow and Novogrod so thats a bit sketchy but really, does it matter where I'll be sleeping?

I even made a chart with where I am, countries/cities/hotels each day, both for myself and for friends and family. I did the safe thing and photocopied all my tickets and documents (i.e. drivers license, passport, visas, etc.). I'm giving it to my mom, just in case. I also will put a copy of the photo identification page of my passport in my check-in luggage. They suggest doing this and putting the address of your hotel in it 'just in case'.

I picked up the currencies I ordered yesterday. It took about 6 business days so I'm glad I didn't leave to the last minute. I ended up ordering 5 different types; Polish Zoltskys, Egyptian Pounds, Russian Rubbles, Swedish Krones, and Norwegian Krones. Norway, Italy and Germany thankgoodness take Euro- which I am also taking. I only ordered them all because I'm travelling around so much, you need enough to cover youself for 2-3 days when entering country in case banks are closed/holidays. Traveler's Cheques are great and I definitly suggest carrying them but its not always easy to cash them in. Its more like insurance.

I'm at the point that I'm starting to pack, and realizing how little I can actually bring, both because of my bag size restriction and weight restriction.

3 days to go, and I'm starting to get excited (and nervous)!