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Magnetic Island

Written on: Wednesday September 19th, 2007

After a couple days in Townsville we had planned to visit Magnetic Island.  We took the ferry out of Townsville and it was about a 30-minute ride over to the island.  Magnetic Island is a some-what secluded place allowing it to maintain much of its natural beauty.  We stayed at a nice place called Magnum?s Backpackers and even managed to get our own room with a TV (a luxury we hadn?t had in a while).  But I?m happy to say we really didn?t spend anymore than the necessary time in our room.


We arrived at our hostel in the evening on Wednesday September 19th.  Once we were checked in and had dinner there was just enough time to catch a nice sunset.


The next morning we went over to a local dive shop and rented a stinger suit.  For those of you that didn?t read the Whitsunday Islands journal entry, a stinger suit is like a really thin wet suit that protects you from getting stung by jellyfish.  We also consulted the guy at the dive shop as to where the best snorkeling around the island would be.  There was a boat wreck about 60 meters out from the beach across from our hostel.  Also there was some coral out in a bay just a 10 minute walk from our hostel.  They were both pretty good spots with decent marine life.


Later that afternoon Christina and I went for a hike, the Forts Walk that had a sign telling us to be ?snake-aware?.  In the later parts of World War II there was a military base set up on Magnetic Island.  After an attack on some of the Australian bases they decided they needed some earlier enemy spotters, so they set up some forts in the hills of Magnetic Island.  They had lookout and radio towers and a few camouflaged guns, which apparently never got any action before the war was ended.  The views from many of these forts were simply spectacular.  I did some ?lookout? work myself, looking for enemy ships approaching the bay and then imagined what it?d be like to operate a big gun from up there.


We saw some wildlife too!  We spotted 3 koalas high up in trees, and one of them even made an alarmingly loud mating call.  Then we also saw a laughing Kookaburra bird and it dove down from its perch and stole a french fry from my dinner plate (damn cheeky bird!).


From Rakhi on Dec 21st, 2015

I teach ESL and this would be a fun way to get students to write cotlpeme sentences. To make it really work in the classroom, I would need, as others have pointed out, some punctuation marks and capital letters. Any chance of that happening soon? Otherwise, it's a good start. And don't worry about having the letters added via keyboard. In my opinion, the whole idea is to move the letters one by one, just like one does with magnets.