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Username: norahandjon

The "Old Enough To Know Better, Young Enough To Do It Anyway" Tour...

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J-L Usher

Username: jleu

Travel abroad from Canada to Japan and beyond. After a long absence (over a year) I am finally returning to edit, fix, update, and add to this blog. The old entries will also be finally reposted after they were removed last year. Just need some serious editing. So please note that the site is a...

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Username: sophistikee

<p>Partis faire une couple de commissions. En Europe. On revient vers 7 h... le soir de la St-Jean! N'oubliez pas de nous dire où sera le party!</p><p> À tantôt!</p><p>xx</p><p>Soph, Mat et leurs pack-sacs</p> ...

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AdHoc & JenZa

Username: adhocbc

Currently we are taking a self imposed sabbatical. Jen is a civil servant in aboriginal negotiations and Adam is a student. We love to fish and ride bicycles so we're off for six weeks to do both. Upon return, we'll be moving from Victoria to Kamloops....

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Username: michael_berggren

<p>Look at my travel pictures at</p><p>&nbsp;</p>...

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