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"I have never sweat so much after doing nothing in my entire life" - c

Written By: meghanbarnhart
From the Trip: Guatemala, mi amor.

    I completely forgot about a crazy thing that happened in El Salvador.  Even crazier than the drunk dude and the policeÖ Friday night we were all sitting around in the lounge area of our hotel watching a surfing video when a man with a microphone started yelling.  It soun... Read More »

"I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain..."

Written By: ruthielovesit
From the Trip: Canada 2007

I used to blog like crazy (I've always loved writing) but lately that thing called life has got me bogged down in all the unimportant shit, you know how it goes.¬† Anyways, I've realised how much I've missed it and how un-me I've become in recent months.¬† I forgot to be true to myself and about ... Read More »

Journal Highlight

"I wanted to run out of there screaming"

Written By: kinoko
From the Trip: To the Roof of the World

That was Jess' first thought when she saw the outhouse on¬†our way to Lhasa.We had stopped by for lunch at this old Tibetan restaurant and the wait staff had directed Jess to the outhouse¬†next to¬†the building because the toilet inside was¬†not very clean.¬†¬†Jess came back with a ... Read More »

"I've been gone for a month, I've been drunk since I left"

Written By: frannie
From the Trip: Europe

Well well well.¬† If it isn't me typing on here.¬† It's been quite some time.Today marks the one month anniversary of me arriving in Europe and it's a full moon.We're leaving the farm on Friday, December 1st...This Friday.¬† Our flight is to Shannon, Ireland.¬† It's a short f... Read More »

"I've got friends in low places"

Written By: ruthielovesit
From the Trip: Canada 2007

People often ask me what I miss most about the UK.¬† Funny question for me since I spend most of my time getting on planes to leave the place (or at least plotting to get on planes and leave!)¬† I can reel off an entire essay¬†of things I'd be glad to see the back of...But yes there... Read More »

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