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Fiesta de la Capilla in Ocotitlan

Written By: michellestcyr
From the Trip: North America in our Camper Van!

We received yet another invitation from Candida to join the family for another event. With my limited Spanish, all I understood was that there was going to be a big hike up a mountain and at the top there would be... Read More »

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First and Only Blog Entry

Written By: blog1
From the Trip: Blog Demo Trip

For the eBook How to Create a Travel Blog I had a dilemma as to what screen shots to use to illustrate the various blog hosting sites features. Since I blog on both Blogger and MyTripJournal I have a variety of screen shots at my disposal. But for all of the other sites mentioned in the book, I h... Read More »

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San Pedro de Atacama

Written By: kevinjuliertw
From the Trip: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Location: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile  Author: Julie  Hola!  Our drive from the Bolivian border to the small touristy town of San Pedro de Atacama was eventful for the three of us after having spent 4 days of nearly endless mishaps. We had settled comfortably into the sh... Read More »


Written By: viabee
From the Trip: El Salvador

<p>I wrote my last exam for the year! Now I can focus on last minute trip-related stuff. </p><p>Picked up a bunch of documentation left for me by the previous intern that will help me do my job. A whole lot of paperwork to weed through but in a happy sort of way. </p><p>... Read More »

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¡Adiós Bolivia!

Written By: raverinkie
From the Trip: See you next year!

The Wara Wara del Sur train from Tupiza to Oruro was uhm...different. But as fun as the name suggests! From Oruro we then took a bus to Arica in Chile, to go on to Peru.Not because we wanted to see as many countries as possible in 2 days, not that we didn´t like Bolivia, on th... Read More »

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