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Missed the plane

Written on: Sunday April 6th, 2008

A journal entry from: Hawaii- Maui 2008

So.  This is the first post of the blog.  We missed the plane on Saturday, April 5th... here's what happened:


My dad came and picked my mom, and I up to take us to the airport.  We got their two hours early, like you should, and my dad said go to the kiosk it lets you get through faster.  So that is what we did... we went up and walked to the kiosk and got all the way to when it glitched and told to go wait in the kiosk assistance line.  We got in line about 11:45... we stood in line for two hours before we even got up to the front... totally missing our flight (along with others who got stuck in the line also.)  So the next time we could be confirmed to go out is on Monday... we miss two days of our paid vacation because of Delta.  Seriously people I don't recondmend flying Delta if you don't have to.  My dad drove all the way back to the airport, about 45 minutes to an hour, to come pick us up again.  WHen he got there he was on the phone with the service thing for Delta.  He finally got through to a person and got hung up on... he tried again and the same thing... tried a third time and just asked to speak to a supervisor.  He got through and they couldn't get us any  better flight and couldn't upgrade us but are now sending two $100 vouchers for future flights which is good because it is their fault that we missed our flight and had to get a new flight.  So it sucks but we leave tomorrow.  More later.


From dsfg on Oct 2nd, 2009